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                     Durand Chamber of Commerce Foundation Inc

The Durand Chamber of Commerce Foundation Inc was founded in 2018 by members of the community for the purpose of supporting the Chamber and protecting our downtown history, improving downtown cleanliness and working on beautification. It also allows  events such as  WNL, Harvestfest, the End of Summer Cruisin Holidaze in Durand and beautification  to be enlarged and expanded through grants and tax deductible donations.


The main difference between the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce foundation is that the Chamber of Commerce is created to support, promote  and advocate for the business members thorough fees and membership. Fees paid are a business expense.  

The Foundation promotes the community, the Chamber and events thru tax deductible donations that may be listed on any the donors tax return as charity.

Clean Up Days
Patti Matejewski Alley
Annual HarvestFest
Durand's Edible Landscape
Community Volunteers
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